Best Influencer Marketing Agency in India

Influencer marketing is now a definite choice for brands for promoting their products.

Best Influencer Marketing Agency in India
Best Influencer Marketing Agency in India

Influencer marketing is now a definite choice for brands for promoting their products. It has become a feasible method for businesses and brands to target the well segmented audiences, attain their targeted metrics of digital footprint, recognition, qualified leads and sales. 

Influencer marketing benefits

Inspiring the perception – 

Influencer marketing can benefit a brand, in numerous ways, from inspiring potential customers to purchase changing one’s perspective on a product. Countless brands have found traction with this form of marketing, principally when they have leveraged influencer campaigns that have been strategically designed & executed by the best influencer marketing agency in India. 

Word-of-mouth recommendation – 

Well, the facts won’t lie! The influencer marketing industry in India is projected to more than $15 billion in value by the end of year 2022, and it could even surpass $100 billion soon! (source: Financial Express). The rudiments of this word-of-mouth and recommendation-based marketing model are the social media influencers, celebrities and content creators.  These inspiring individuals come up with elusive ideas to aware, attract and engage viewers at scale by presenting their competence in their respective niches or industries. This has been the fundamental factor in the augmented expansion of this strategy.

Inspiring the Purchase decision – 

The consequences? Consumers’ considerations when making purchase decisions are influenced; accompanied by their improved product education. They are more inclined towards purchasing the said brand’s products that are endorsed by celebrities/ have influencer’s brand association leverage. 

Trust – 

The impact of the key opinion leaders is amplified as consumers have more trust in influencers/celebrities and anticipate the items they support. Well, it’s psychological that consumers trust other consumers and influencer marketing revolves around building that trust through influencers as existing consumers.

Top influencer marketing services provide a smooth communication between influencer and brands by formulating and implementing innovative strategies to maximize brand’s sales ROI.

Authority in the relevant industry – 

By capitalizing on the creator’s influence & authority to strengthen the business with their trust, influencer marketing platforms remove the hurdles between influencers on social media and businesses and brands that strive for worthy marketing.

Hence, it is evident that brands should associate with leading influencer marketing agencies to smoothly formulate, strategize and execute the campaigns.

However, when searching for India’s top influencer marketing company, brands and influencers must tread cautiously. Since, the agency will not only pick applicable influencers for their target consumers but will also build a video content strategy and supervise its execution.

Influencer marketing agencies may boost or break your brand, therefore let me now show you how you can select the right one.

How to Select the Best Influencer Marketing Platform?

1. Elasticity in Designing & Executing Different Influencer Marketing Strategies

Testimonials, reviews, unboxing videos, contests, live streaming, sponsored content, giveaways, affiliate marketing, etc. are just a few of the video content and brand narratives that result from influencers collaborating with brands.

Approximately 94 percent of people expressed they watch how-to and explainer videos to know more about a product, and 84 percent said they were convinced to purchase it as a consequence. (Source – Wyzowl, 2021 and Hubspot). Hence, your brand requires you to interact with your target demographic over a range of content formats.

Henceforth, this highlights the significance of working with an influencer agency like Grynow that is both flexible and adept at emerging an all-encompassing variety of campaigns.

2. Narrating Brand Stories That Emphasis on the Consumer

As influencer marketing develops, the stratagem is gradually used independently of larger brand campaigns to stimulate a single endeavor.

The industry-leading influencer marketing agency in India – Grynow, employs motivational stories as elements of its customer-centric content strategy to obtain a subterranean understanding of its customers. 

Undeniably, Grynow is the superlative choice if you want to give the imprint that your brand is superior to competitors’. 

Including content creators in a sustained partnership makes it much simpler for vendors to focus their determinations around clienteles.

4. Strategic Positioning of Brands and Influencers in the Market

State-of-the-art influencer platforms like Grynow have researched & learned a lot about how to position a brand’s product so that it gets the desired outcomes that the brand wishes and execute it flawlessly.

As reported by Schaefer Marketing Solutions LLC, expenditures on influencer marketing by businesses & brands are predicted to upsurge from 55 percent to 67 percent in the upcoming years, with a noteworthy portion of that progression coming from a transition from one-time sponsorships to brand ambassadors.

This unique selling point makes Grynow stand out from other agencies’ platforms for brands & influencers.

It is no wonder that there are a plethora of influencer marketing platforms that all claim to be the finest at what they do. Nevertheless, Grynow has proven to be the leading influencer marketing company in India owing to its workforce of IIT and IIM alumni and 6+ years of experience in the industry. A trustworthy hub for launching social media campaigns with a proprietary network of over 2,000,00 social media influencers, content creators and bloggers.

Grynow provides end-to-end reliable influencer marketing services that establishments as diverse as Amazon, Paytm, ShareChat, Instagram, OnePlus, Trell, Facebook, Roposo, Smytten, Groww, Khatabook, and numerous others have faith in.

Let’s discover how Grynow is the top influencer marketing company in India and why it stands out from the rest-

  1.  Experience of More Than Six Years in Influencer Marketing

The company’s expertise in the industry of influencer marketing is unbeatable, which spans over 6+ years, sets it apart.  It leverages the proficiency to better serve its patrons by comprehending their goals and supplementing their brand with the strategies they need to accomplish organic development.

Grynow represents its leadership position with creative, innovative and customized marketing strategies for its clientele. Encompassing all from the up-to-the-minute in fashion and beauty industry to delectable culinary formations and exotic vacation spots, with the content customers want to see in the form of amplified foot and online traffic.

  1. Strategically Determining on a Cluster of Influencers

From the commencement, the agency has prioritized sensibly choosing influencers who would best reach the projected demographic. Their specialists & professionals scour a colossal repository of producers for the ideal niche influencer and evaluate the audiences of numerous influencers to guarantee maximum revelation and participation. The next phase is to devise an effective content strategy that can meritoriously reach the targeted demographic.

  1. Helps Massively with Maintaining Relationships with Influential Authorities

Capitalizing on comprehensive research is the ultimate method to build and sustain healthy & long-term connections with prominent figures. Grynow reaches out to influential individuals who can contribute to grow a company in its elected market. When talking about expansion of the Grynow brand, the marketing strategists & specialists there inspire their team fellows to use their imaginations & creativities.

  1. Extensive Database of Potential Influencers

The firm conserves a substantial database of verified influencers. They explore these databases using cultured algorithms and manually to find creators who are a best fit for the brand offering. These performance & data-driven methodologies are valuable for discovering, evaluating, and monitoring possible influencers on numerous social media platforms and toning the potential market of the brand with respect to the influencers’. 

  1. Precisely Tailored Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Well-written content that goes unnoticed serves no significance. Grynow cultivates a bespoke influencer marketing proposal that is strategic, premeditated, and most remarkably, leaves a long-lasting imprint on the business. Such content is well-appreciated and harvests the intended results. The agency holds detailed discussions with customers to fully understand the key objective they want to deliver to the target demographic, and then builds personalized and targeted content.

  1. Positioning of a Brand

Grynow helps in providing the brand a sturdier market positioning so that it carries its capacity to preserve a connection with the intended audience and safeguard enduring accomplishments. This is only possible if the brand or agency’s value propositions are recognized.

The agency’s squad is always enthusiastic to go beyond the parameters to grasp the company’s uniqueness and, sequentially, plan an influencer marketing strategy. It hoists the services and goods provided by a business and supports in generating leads that are expected to convert.


The top influencer marketing agency – Grynow’s team of digital experts is devoted to coming up with innovative concepts that are surefire to succeed. Their top-of-the-funnel commotion is hovering the target audience’s level of familiarity with the brand, piquing their interest enough to encourage them to take action, and eventually converting them to lasting brand advocates. Grynow’s influencer marketing services and solutions are reasonably priced, have operative marketing and promotion, are controlled by skilled professionals, and yield tangible results. They hand-pick influencers grounded on their niche to certify that the influencer’s followers and subscribers are similar to the businesses’ ideal customers. Remember that the greatest results come from the most well-organized maneuvers & tactics.

Grynow is the agency to turn to, if you want to expand brand reach, its value and increase your sales ROI with the accompanying benefits of influencer marketing. Let your marketing initiatives in the credible hands of professionals so you may focus on other crucial features of your business.

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First published on: 21-12-2022 at 18:55 IST